Growel Technology



  • At Growel, we follow sound practices to ensure high product quality. This keeps fetching us top notch results. Growel uses a state-of-the-art fully automated process that is completely controlled by a computer based system.
  • Our uncompromising nature and application of advanced technology have led to reliable product quality, resulting in a large pool of happy customers.
  • As one of the pioneering Indian companies to have invested in large extruded feed manufacturing unit, Growel Feeds has also invested in the latest twin screw extrusion technology to produce high quality aqua feeds.
  • After ensuring high quality, the feeds get packed and sealed. Feeds are packed into bags in perfect measures. The duty of Growel Feeds does not halt there, it continues with loading the products safely and transporting it to farmers and distributors.
  • Growel Feeds has the technology and capacity to produce pelleted aqua feeds, extruded sinking feeds, extruded floating and slow sinking feeds in large quantities.
  • The best quality processes at Growel have resulted in world class quality of shrimp feed and extruded floating fish feeds.
  • Our formula is tested and then brought to markets. Our researches keep adding up technological advancements.