Scientifically formulated and balanced diets to meet species specific nutritional requirements


Growel Feeds consistently strives to achieve customer satisfaction through effective implementation of the Quality Management System in the manufacture and supply of quality aqua feed.

The Quality Control Wing conduct extensive investigations to measure and improve the quality of our products. It makes sure that no compromise is made with quality during the production process. The quality is achieved through:

Salient Features of our Feeds

Full traceability

Free from Antibiotics, hormones and pharmacologically active substances

Thoroughly researched and tested

Sustainably sourced high quality raw material

Effective utilization of marine proteins

Scientifically balanced and formulated nutrition

High average daily growth

High survival rate and low FCR

Wide range of Aqua Feeds

Excellent water stability and palatability

Boosts immunity with essential micronutrients

Well protected from oxidation and microbial attack


At Growel, sound practices are followed to ensure high product quality. This keeps fetching top notch results. Growel Feeds uses a state-of-the-art fully automated process that is completely controlled by a computer based system.

Growel’s uncompromising nature and application of advanced technology have led to reliable product quality, resulting in a large pool of happy customers.

As one of the pioneering Indian companies to have invested in a large extruded feed manufacturing unit, Growel Feeds has also invested in the latest twin screw extrusion technology to produce high quality aqua feeds.

After ensuring high quality, the feeds are packed into bags in perfect measures and safely transported to customers.

Growel Feeds has the technology and capacity to produce pelleted aqua feeds, extruded sinking feeds, extruded floating and slow sinking feeds in large quantities.

The best quality processes at Growel have resulted in world Class quality shrimp and extruded floating fish feeds.

The feed formulae are thoroughly tested Before brought to market. Growel’s research keeps adding up in terms of technological advancements.


Growel has an in-house R&D innovation centre where it continuously tests the performance of its feed products. Before launching a new feed product, it is thoroughly tested on live animals in the R&D Bio-assay.

This R&D facility also has cages and ponds to perform trials in the actual rearing environment. A dedicated R&D team work conducts several trials under the supervision of highly qualified nutritionists. Growel innovates new products time to time by identifying the emerging customer needs.

The primary focus is on international quality standards. R&D activities help a lot in achieving the best results.